Reynolds Renovations | Inspired By The Fire

If you’re like many homeowners, an interior remodel may top your list of home improvement projects for the near future, but you can’t put your finger on the elusive element that would pull it all together. If this describes you, you should consider including a fireplace makeover in your remodel.
Following are just three of the many ways an attractive, functional fireplace enhances indoor environments.

Photos on the Mantel

Adorning a fireplace mantel with family photos provides a solid, traditional touch that works even in homes featuring modern decor schemes.


Few things please the palate more than s’mores around the fire on a chilly winter night. Imagine bonding with the family over a delicious campfire treat as the cold wind wails outside.

Mulled Wine By the Fire

Mulled wine served in front of the fire provides an elegant grand finale to a classic winter day. Think of it as s’mores for adults.
When summer comes along, celebrate the season by placing a vase of fresh flowers on the mantel and scented candles in the fireplace itself — a light a fire to add a cozy accent to a stormy summer night.
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