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Tulsa Interior Painting

Reynolds Reynolds painting division helps home owners get a fresh new look inside with our Tulsa interior painting services. From small homes to large homes, single rooms to entire houses, we help you get the look you desire. There are several different kinds of paint you can choose from. 

High Gloss Paint: typically a very durable paint and easy to clean. The only downfall is that it’s sheen can often accentuate any imperfections your walls might have. 

Flat Paint:  Less durable than high gloss paint, flat paint will help to hide any imperfections on your walls.

Eggshell Paint: The best middle of the road option and most common. Eggshell paint helps to hide imperfections in walls while still give a very clean and fresh look. 

Tulsa interior painting professionals

Choosing The Right Color

Once you have decided on the type of paint you want to use on your homes interior, the next selection is going to be the color. Colors can completely change any room by making it appear either warmer or cooler. Light shines different in rooms with cooler colors or warmer colors. You can also add texture to any room or wall by choosing the right color to match your home.

To correctly paint a home, special precautions must be taken. Furniture and appliances will be covered and drop cloths will be placed to protect your floors. We will spend all the time necessary to do the job right. From preparing your walls, to masking everything off, and double checking that we are using the color and style of paint you have chosen. Our Tulsa interio painting company is going to do the job right the first time. 

Contact Our Tulsa Interior Paint Company

Our professional Tulsa area painters will be more than happy to help you get a quote on the highest quality interior painting available. We strive to offer complete customer satisfaction at affordable rates. We will completely prepare your walls, help you choose the right type and color of paint, and give your home that fresh new look you desire. Whether you want a fresh coat in the kitchen or bathroom, or want to repaint your whole home. Reynolds Renovations is the company to call for Tulsa home interor painting. Send us a message to get started.

Residential Painting

Our Tulsa paint crews have the experience and work ethic for delivering quality work every time. And the owner is on the job, for every job! Josh wants to be your Tulsa painting contractor.

Interior Painting

Tulsa’s interior paint specialist. Whether you need just one room painted or the whole home, let Josh stop by and give your a FREE, fair & upfront quote for your next Tulsa area interior paint project.

Exterior Painting

Our Tulsa exterior paint crews always put in the extra effort to get the job done right. Caulking gaps, nail holes and other imperfections help to make your finished paint job last. 

Upfront Pricing

Josh will always go over the details of your project and provide complete up-front pricing. Your only surprise will be how great your home looks after we’ve completed your painting project.

Schedule a Free Tulsa Interior Painting Estimate

We will call and schedule a time to view your Tulsa area painting project in person to understand your needs and give you the best quote.