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Tulsa Cabinet Refinishing

Bathroom And Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing Services

Most homeowners will gladly opt for refinishing their existing kitchen cabinets instead of replacing or refinishing them. Not only is it more cost effective, but it acheives the same affect of a fresh new look without the expense of actually buying new cabinets. Because there are so many options and paint spectrums available, you can get creative and change the entire look of your space by simply refinishing tha cabinets you have. 


Tulsa Cabinet Refinishing Options

Cabinets can be either painted using oil based paints with rollers, or sprayed using commercial airbrushes. Oil paint is typically more durable than latex paint. So if you have a high traffic kitchen or bathroom, kids, guests, and pets constantly around, you may want to opt for an oil based paint. Certain colors of paint are not always available in an oil base, so if you are looking for darker shades, you may want to choose a latex option. 

Latex enamel paint is designed to really stick to wood cabinets. While it is a water based paint, it is more adhesive than non-enamel paint which is what you would use for applications like drywall. It is also the best choice for darker colors. If you are looking to sell your home in the near future or just don’t see a lot of traffic, latex paint is a great choice for your cabinets. 

Tulsa Cabinet Refinishing

Professional Tulsa Cabinet Staining

Another optiong for refinishing your cabinets would be use an oil based stain. While is a little more time consuming, this option will allow you to get a natural wood look and feel to your cabinets. There are an endless amount of stain color options such as walnut, cherry, mahogany, and more. You can also at a few layers of polyurethane to add a nice sheen to the wood and really bring out the texture.

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