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The Perfect Bathroom For Your Life

Whether it is for you, a friend, or a family member, getting the right bathroom design can have a big impact on your life. Proper design, the right amenities, and all the proper features can help you have a better experience in your own home. From an upgraded guest bathroom to a luxury bathroom suite, you can get the proper design for you life with Reynolds Renovations.

What Are Your Needs?

Having the right bathroom means having the right fixtures and and finishing touches in place. So let’s consider some different options to upgrade your bathroom.
Smart Technology: As gadgets and gizmo’s in todays world progress, you can add to your life to make things simpler. Light up toilet seats, towel warmers, and touch free soap dispensers just to name a few. We can even install bluetooth shower speakers so you can turn on some tunes while you wash.
New Trends: Modern light fixtures, cabinets, and sinks can help bring your bathroom into todays new world. Upgrading your style and decor can have a great impact on your experience.
Get A Sauna: Installing a sauna in your bathroom is a great way to help you unwind at the end of a long day.
The Right Mirrors: Having the right mirrors installed really changes your entire bathroom. From the way it reflects light, to how much bigger it makes the space look.
Get A Bigger Shower: A large shower really is enjoyable. A nice, large, tiled shower is the way to go. Speaking of tile, upgrading to a larger, more decorative tile can really give a more luxurious look to your bathroom.

The Right Bathroom Design For Couples And Family

If you are changing up a children’s bathroom, consider adding furnishings with enhanced safety features. Things like outlet covers, toilet locks, and non-slip flooring will help prevent accidents. Install extra shelving for toys, soaps, and towels so that your kids have everything in an organized space. Proper lighting will ensure that everything can be seen and no one gets hurt in the dark.
Couples bathrooms have become a huge need. Things like dual sinks, walk in closets, and hot tubs are a good way to make sure there is enough space for the both of you. You can keep your stuff separate by adding separate shelving, cabinets, and a large enough mirror for you both to use. Installing diffusers is a great way to keep a fresh smell that isn’t overpowering for the other person.

Call A Pro

Josh Reynolds can help you get the best bathroom design for your lifestyle. Whether that is for you and your spouse, your children, and elderly loved one, or just an upgrade to your homes construction. Call now to schedule a free quote and get the bathroom design you are needing to fit your lifestyle.