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Tulsa Home Additions

Have you recently decided to build on to your home? We are excited to hear that. There are so many different options for Tulsa home additions. The space and value they can add to your house are amazing too. What better way to customize your home? And we are quite sure you have heard all the nightmare stories about jobs that take forever and contractors that don’t finish their work. Or maybe that one time your aunt Janice decided to build on to her home and the quality of work was sub par. We hear you. And we are here to show you a better way of getting the home addition you want without all the hassle.

Hiring The Right Contractor

Well you are already on his website, so you’re off to a great start. Josh Reynolds has the experience to do any job you can think of. With an entire online gallery of jobs already done and pages and pages of client testimonials, he is the contractor you can trust. And trust is important when choosing someone to work on your home.

Have A Plan B ( and C and D…)

Most of the problems that come from home additions start with poor planning. And you know what they say about poor planning… Before we even start on your home we will go over every detail of the project so there is no confusion. We want to be clear early on about what exactly we are going to do. And if you come up with new ideas as the project is going, that is OK, just accept that it may add some time and cost to your project.

Getting The Correct Permits

Yeah, you don’t want the city showing up and throwing around scary words like “fines”. We have a very clear understanding of building codes and what permits are necessary when performing this kind of work. We can help obtain all of the permits necessary before construction begins.

Taking Your Next Step

Are you ready to get going on your Tulsa home addition? Give us a call! We would love to be the contractor you choose to customize your home. From small home renovations to large, we can do it all. Call us today!