Best Kitchen Remodel Ideas

The kitchen is often one of the most used and favorite rooms of a house. Remodeling your kitchen can bring new ways to use your kitchen while adding tons of value to your home. So what are some of the best kitchen remodel ideas to make the most out of yours? Let’s start with those cabinets.

Refacing Your Cabinets

If you are happy with your current kitchen layout and just want to change it up a little bit, refacing your cabinets is a great place to start. You can resurface your cabinets completely, add a new stain, or coat of paint. You may also change out your cabinet doors to some with a new design on them. However, if you want an entire kitchen overhaul, then replacing your cabinets may be a better option.
Now, just like with remodeling companies, not all kitchen cabinets are created equal. Some ship from over seas and are made with cheaper products. This can lead to damaged wood if you live in a drier climate and ordered cabinets from India. The best option for new cabinets would be to shop local, or have Reynolds Renovations get them for you. We can suggest new cabinets with high quality construction that won’t break your budget.

Countertops Come Next

I know you thought we were going to say floors, and we will get to that. But now that you have just redone/replaced your cabinets, the best way to accent them is with new countertops. Due to the wide variety of countertop materials and colors, it is easy to find something that will look great with your new cabinets. You may also consider a backsplash as well.

New Kitchen Floors

Since we have started top down, let’s talk about those floors. There are several options between hardwoods, laminates, and tiles. All come in a variety of color and material options.
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