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Tulsa Home Additions

The best Tulsa home additions begin with a storm of inspiration. At first, everything is on the table. After careful consideration, decisions are made, specifics are decided. Then, you choose a top Tulsa building professional. As a result, your home is transformed.

Luxury kitchens, modern baths, and single room additions are currently trending in Tulsa. All of a sudden, single room additions are the most popular thing in town. And so, today, we will be discussing them. Specifically, we will explore sun-rooms and garden rooms. Further, we will look at full size additions as compared to less expensive bump out additions.

Bump Out or Full Size Room Addition

Do you want a bump out or a full sized room addition? Simply put, a bump out is created by removing a portion of wall and extending an existing room. The bottom line, a bump out costs less money than a full new room. In the final analysis, the answer often depends upon how much extra space the homeowner needs. If looking for a little more space for family gatherings around the holidays, a bump out may be your best choice. If looking to create usable space year around, you may prefer a full room addition.

Additions present design challenges in either case. The new living space needs to be functional, but also, it needs to flow and fit with the current structure. In other words, it needs to look good. Also, electrical outlets, as well as heating and air solutions are normally incorporated into the design of the new living space. Our Tulsa design team is second to none when designing and building Tulsa room additions.

Sun-rooms and Garden Rooms – Top Tulsa Home Additions

Sun rooms and garden rooms are popular choices for Tulsa home additions. These room additions open your house in a new direction, flooding your home with natural light. Many incorporate glass in the design of the roof. Because of this, sun rooms and garden rooms feel like an outdoor space with the added comfort of climate control.

Modern sun-rooms are stunning recreational spaces that make our homes more enjoyable for everyone. Likewise, garden rooms are perfect spaces for plant lovers year around. Additional features add charm to the room. As example, a natural stone fireplace makes a cozy compliment to any Tulsa single room addition. There are limitless options to consider when creating the Tulsa living space of your dreams.

For better Tulsa home additions, choose a top Tulsa building professional. If you are considering an addition to your Tulsa area home, contact Reynolds Restoration now for a free consultation.