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Choosing The Right Paint Color

As soon as you walk into any room, in any office or house, your eye is automatically drawn to something. Most of the time, this is done by design. Creating visually appealing focal points to accent the rest of the room. One of the easiest and best ways to do this is by choosing the right paint color. It can brighten or darken any room. And is often used to accent furniture, lighting, or even the shape of the room. How we create these focal points is done in a variety of ways.

How Much Space Are You Working With?

If you have a larger home or office, there are many things you can accent in a large space. You wouldn’t use just one large couch or chair as the center of attention. However, if you lived in a smaller apartment, you may want to use a piece of furniture as the main accent piece. Whatever it is, it should be eye catching. When talking about painting this room, these things should be considered. If you have lots of windows and it is an airy space, consider a lighter color to brighten it up. In a smaller space, choose your favorite color and create an accent wall. This color can then be used as accent pieces around the room to match.

Creating Accent Walls

Accent walls are an amazing way to make an entire room look larger or smaller, and create a dramatic and elegant effect. By using a color of paint that is different that the other walls and ceiling, you can create an accent that doe not have to be the center of attention. This works very well in smaller spaces for the most benefit, although larger rooms work as well. Consider using a different texture on this wall as well for added effect. You now have a uniform design throughout your room, that still draws attention to that one wall. Use this color to add to bed sheets, pillows in a living room, curtains or lampshades for added effect.

Call A Painting Professional

Josh Reynolds at Reynolds Renovations can help you choose the right paint color scheme for your home or office interior. Call 918-728-1394 or send a message here to get started on your next painting project!