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Creating Your Dream Home

Nearly every single home owner on the planet did not get every single thing they wanted when they bought their home. In some cases when you buy a lot and are having your home built from the ground up, you have a lot of say in what gets done and what does not. When you are purchasing a prebuilt home however, there is a lot of compromise. You may not get exactly what you would like in every room. Maybe the flood plan isn’t open enough, you don’t like the cabinets or counter tops, or some other option that just is not ideal. Luckily there are no limits when it comes to renovation in creating your dream home.

Start With Design

You wanted a more modern contemporary look while your spouse wants something more traditional. Hey, no problem! Using the proper interior design you can get the perfect combination of looks and styles that fit your vision. Whether that means changing color tones in paint and trim, or changing the architecture and shape of your door ways. Starting with a great design will help you see the finish product before the work even begins, so you get exactly what you want.

Make It Personal

Because there is no limit on what you can do and what you can imagine, go big! Your home is where you spend the most time. Not only should it be a comfortable environment, it should be one you enjoy being in and looking at! From the window sizes and styles, to the color of the paint, the design of the trim, the shape and style of the doors, make it exactly the way you want it. Remember, you don’t have to compromise here, you can get whatever you want.

Hire The Right Contractor

Josh at Reynolds Renovations has worked with countless clients to help them get the dream home they have been looking for. See why our customers speak so highly of us and get the results they want. Call us today to schedule a consultation or send us a message so we can get started helping you bring your vision to life.