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How To Shop For Ceramic Tile

There are many factors involved when shopping for ceramic tile, some fun, some overwhelming. There are some things you should know when looking for it, and we are going to get into the nitty gritty of how to shop for ceramic tile. This quick guide should help you know what to keep in mind when you begin planning your next tile project.

Watch Out For Imitation Tile

A lot of product use the word tile in the name, and may even mimic the function of ceramic tile, but is not actually ceramic tile. Ceramic tile itself is very durable and comes in a variety of designs. However, there are also vinyl tile options that imitate these same qualities but are not actually ceramic tile. Choose carefully and beware of imitation products.

Why Choose Ceramic Tile

In commercial applications, ceramic tile is a more affordable option than many other materials. Due to its high durability and lifetime, it stays looking newer longer and it easy to maintain. In residential applications, these same qualities matter. But also, it comes in many different designs as well that makes it easy to match individual tastes while getting an elegant design for any room.

Types Of Ceramic Tile

We keep mentioning that ceramic tile comes in so many different options and designs, but what are those?
Porcelain Tile: Porcelain tile has very low water absorption, and can come in large pieces. These “slabs” make it much easier to get a large one piece tile top for counters and walls. It comes in glazed and unglazed options that work both indoors and outdoors.
Quarry Tile: The most durable option as far as resistance to elements and heat, quarry tile will stand up to weather and make a great option for flooring. However, it comes in very limited color options.
Wall Tile: Wall tiles are meant for low impact options such as showers and bathrooms.
There are several other ceramic tile options such as pressed floor tile and ceramic mosaic tile. With an infinite number of pattern and color choices, different shapes and sizes will help you love the new look of your space.

Call A Professional Tile Installer

Reynolds Renovations can handle any tile installation project and help you get the right tile and design for your vision. Whether it is just adding or replacing tile, or adding new tile as part of a remodeling project, we can help you get what you are going for. Call us now or send a message to get a free quote on tile installation for your next home or business project.