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Increase Your Homes Value Without Moving

There are several different reasons for renovating your home. Your largest financial asset. With the housing market being the way it is right now, everyone wants to fix their house so they can sell it and get the most bang for their buck. It is so competitive out there now though, that people will buy a home as-is just to get into one. Alternatively there are those who wish to stay where they are and enjoy their space. And that is a wonderful reason to renovate your home. 

So Why Do You Want To Renovate?

There are a few different reasons for renovation. One of them is for a better quality of life. Things such as an additional bathroom, floor heating, and opening home layouts to ease traffic. Personalized home designs to fit your individual lifestyle. These home upgrades are uniquely for you and your individual comfort. 

Another reason to renovate is for resale value. Certain renovations have a huge ROI (return on investment) when it comes to selling. In demand designs like new siding, larger bathrooms, more cabinet space, and recessed lighting can increase a homes value end over end. However, you will want to check locations first to see what the current market demand is. 

One more reason to upgrade your home is if it is a rental property. Tenants do not usually care for your home the same way they would if they owned it themselves. So they usually do not have any sort of attachment to it. A new design can not only increase the amount you can charge for rent, but will help the home itself last longer through tenancies. 

Financing Your Home Renovation

We here at Reynolds Renovations offer financing options so that you can get started on the projects you want for your home without having to save thousands of dollars for it. Our partnership with Hearth will help you get low interest and monthly payments on your home renovation project. Send us a message or call us today to get started! We can’t wait to work with you.