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Large Home Renovations

Remodeling your Tulsa home can be a tall order. But definitely an understandable desire. You live here, you want to leave your mark on your home so that it feels like yours. Or maybe you just want increase the value of your home. Either way, you’re going to have some questions.

Where To Start?

A great place to get started is determining your budget. Having an idea in mind of how much you want to invest, will help you choose the room you want to start on. And let’s say that leads you to the kitchen. Kitchen remodels provide the most bang for your buck. Not only does it change the entire look and feel of your house, but it adds the most value.
So determine the design and style you want. Our large home renovations experts can show you plenty of options, as there are so many it can be overwhelming.

Disclaimer: Remodeling Is Addictive

Once you have done one room is so hard to want to stop. You have created your own personal space that makes you WANT to spend more time at home. And the more space you have to renovate, the more you can do!
OK OK OK, so we knocked out the kitchen, what’s next? How about the new tile, counter tops, and sink you wanted in the bathroom? Remember that show you just saw on HGTV and now you just have to have that design? That’s where we come in.
Call Reynolds Renovations today for your large home renovations and remodeling jobs. We will take care of getting all the permits and staying up to code. But most importantly, you are going to love the look and fresh feel of new roos in your house with work done by the best remodeling contractors in Tulsa.