New boost

When it comes to a modern kitchen remodel, the smallest improvements can make a big difference. Of course, new paint and new hardware can revitalize an old kitchen. But beyond that, new flooring, countertops and lighting fixtures transform the dull into the divine. In addition, kitchen islands, new appliances and modern shelving create an inviting atmosphere that is beautiful and exceptionally functional. Whether updating a kitchen backsplash or choosing new cabinets, a modern kitchen remodel is an exciting time of improvement to one of our most cherished home spaces.

Modern Kitchen Remodel

Over time, kitchen interiors become dull and lose their appeal. A modern kitchen remodel re-energizes the entire room with features like the following:

Fresh Flooring – Traditional hardwood planks and natural stone tile are two stunning options for new kitchen floors. These durable materials are perfect for high traffic areas like a modern kitchen.

A Kitchen Island – Large or small, the kitchen island becomes the focal point of the room. These wonderful worktop spaces are used for food prep, children’s homework, and social gathering. Also, electrical outlets make them great charging stations for our phones and laptops.

New Countertops – Natural stone countertops are beautiful and long-lasting. For these reasons, marble and granite countertops are popular kitchen upgrades.

Luxury Appliances – Appliances are the workhorses of the modern kitchen. And so, the best modern kitchen remodel will use top performing appliances that are visually attractive. For form and function, choose the very best appliances.

Elegant Lighting Fixtures – Track lighting, hanging lights, illuminated cabinets, there are endless ideas when it comes to lighting the modern kitchen. And so, most upgrades include a mix of lighting fixture options.

Open Shelving or Glass Cabinet Doors – A modern kitchen remodel may include open shelves or glass cabinet doors. Without a doubt, open shelves and glass doors make the room feel bigger. In addition, well organized items are more easily located and visually interesting.

As a final point, the best modern kitchen remodels are the result of careful planning and expert construction. For this reason, hire a top Tulsa remodeling professional to do the job.

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