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Renovating A Small Home On A Budget

There are many reasons for renovating a home. Maybe you just bought a house and want to make it more comfortable or give it a fresh look. Maybe you just need some updates and more storage space. Or perhaps you are looking to sell your home and need to give it more appeal. Whatever the reason, it’s easy to watch the dollar signs start building up when you begin planning a home remodeling project. But there are ways that you can still save money on doing all of this work.

Create And Stick To Your Budget

The first thing you should do is decide how much you can spend on your remodeling project. Build in a 10-20% cushion for unexpected costs that may come up, after all things do break. Stick to this budget as much as you possibly can.

Shop Around For Materials

You will notice as you get going that one material might cost more at a certain store than another. You will also notice significant variations in quality. That is because big box stores sell tons of products while a flooring store focuses only on providing the best flooring products. You do not want to go cheap on these materials. So it is best to get the highest quality product you can afford in order for it to last you longer.

Painting Cabinets

A few cans of high quality paint are much more affordable than entirely new cabinets. Even when hiring a home remodeling contractor, you will save big bucks on painting versus replacing your bathroom and kitchen cabinets. So when you already have high quality cabinets that just aren’t the color you are wanting, consider a light color of paint to brighten the room.

Contact Josh Reynolds

There are several ways at cutting costs when renovating a small home on a budget. While we would never suggest tackling large home renovations yourself, there are things you can do like handle your own debris disposal. Josh knows how to get you the look you are going for while obtaining all the necessary permits to do it. Call Reynolds Renovations today to get started on your next project at 918-728-1394 or send Josh a message.