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Small Bathroom Design Ideas

We all wish we had that gigantic bathroom with tons of natural light, a hot tub, and a stone shower. Every magazine and website on earth tells you that is what you need to have in order to have the perfect bathroom. However, most homes (in fact more than 90% of them) do not have a layout that would suit it. So if you are looking for small bathroom design ideas, Reynolds Renovations is here to help.

Using Your Existing Floor Plan

There are plenty of options for using the existing layout of your bathroom. All it takes is a little creativity with fixtures and storage. Sure, moving your plumbing around and reversing it to other area’s is possible, but it can become costly. You can always change the tub you have for something more trendy. Or if you are looking to save space, opt for a standing only shower. You can also add a nice vanity for more storage. Or you can skip it all together and get a pedestal sink for a more minimal look.

Refinish Your Old Fixtures

Sometimes what you already have looks fantastic, but isn’t the right color. You can always sand down and stain cabinets. Opting for a coat of paint in a lighter color is also a great way to brighten the space. By utilizing some of the fixtures you already have, you keep wasteful spending to a minimum when remodeling your bathroom.

Paying Attention To What Is On The Floor

Replacing bathroom tile is typically one of the first choices for renovation. Ceramic tile is an excellent option when you are looking for a waterproof material, which you will want because it WILL get wet. Be sure to also use a sealed grout to avoid high maintenance.

Add Better Lighting

When trying to save space, it is easy to see why people opt for overhead lighting. But as any woman will tell you, it is not the most flattering lighting when you are looking in a mirror. Opt for more natural light and windows if possible. Adding more lighting to the bathroom is a great way to brighten up a space.
No matter how big or small your bathroom remodeling project is, call Reynolds Renovations. We can help you get the beautiful look you are going for no matter the size of the space. Contact us today!