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Small Home Additions

As our families grow in size, we naturally will need more room. Whether you want to expand your master bath or just need more space for your growing family, in Tulsa, small home additions are very common in the spring. Playrooms, workshops and sun-rooms are popular projects this time of year. The following are popular home improvement ideas:

Popular Ideas

Add an Attic Bedroom – This spring, transform your unfinished attic into an inviting bedroom for house guests. This has become increasingly popular in the last few years. And the shape of homes roofs make for a very unique shaped room that is popular with decorators.

Build a Basement Playroom – If you want to make a fun place for the kids or place to play pool with friends, a basement playroom is a great idea.

Construct a Sun-Room – Great for relaxing inside, a new- sun-room will also give you the feeling of the outdoors. With elegant furnishings a sun-room is a great place to enjoy sunrises and sunsets, or entertain friends and family. These rooms are always a hit at gatherings.

Create a Backyard Workshop – Finally, a back-yard workshop adds tremendous value to your property while getting your work projects out of the garage.

Expand Your Master Bath – In some aging homes, bathroom space can be restrictive. But, creating a bump-out to expand the room or removing a wall to accomplish that same goal will give you the space you need to craft the master bathroom that you have always wanted.

Whatever you want from a small home addition, you are going to want to find the top level Tulsa contractor for the job. If you are ready for Tulsa’s number one renovation company to create the modern kitchen of your dreams, contact Reynolds Restoration now. We will walk you through the entire project and what to expect from start to finish. Call us now.